Regular Registration Deadline: 2 September 2022

In-person participants to the IFN-λ satellite meeting must be registered to the Cytokines 2022 or ILC4 joint meeting and will be requested to pay an additional fee to attend the satellite meeting. Virtual participants to the IFN-λ satellite meeting will be able to register for the IFN-λ satellite meeting ONLY if they wish. Please Email us to request the link for virtual registration for the IFN-λ satellite meeting ONLY, if you are not participating in Cytokines 2022 or ILC4.

For information on making hotel reservations please use the information on the Cytokines 2022 website.

Registration Fees for Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite Meeting:

(Registration is through the Joint Meeting online registration system).

Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite In-PersonBEFORE 2 SEPTEMBERAFTER 2 SEPTEMBER
Academic/Government ICIS Members$150.00$175.00
Academic/Government Non-Members$175.00$200.00
Industry ICIS Members$275.00$300.00
Industry Non-Members$325.00$350.00
Students / Postdocs ICIS Members$75.00$100.00
Students / Postdocs Non-Members$100.00$125.00
Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite VirtualBEFORE 2 SEPTEMBERAFTER 2 SEPTEMBER
Academic/Government ICIS Members$100.00$125.00
Academic/Government Non-Members$125.00$150.00
Industry ICIS Members$175.00$200.00
Industry Non-Members$200.00$225.00
Students / Postdocs ICIS Members$25.00$50.00
Students / Postdocs Non-Members$50.00$75.00

The Meeting will be held from 08:00am – 12:30pm HST on both Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 September 2022. In-person registration fees include access to scientific sessions, 2 continental breakfasts and 2 coffee breaks. Virtual Registration includes access to the live-streamed Zoom sessions and live discussions. All registered participants will have access to the Meeting Google Drive with recorded Zoom presentations and PDFs of posters.

We encourage the presentation of new unpublished data. Only if consented by presenters, the Zoom presentations will be recorded and posted on Google Drive and the link will be shared with all registered participants after the Meeting.

Questions or suggestions? Email us.