Abstract Deadline has passed, notifications will be going out soon

Abstracts are invited for posters and short talks (10 min) for the Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite Meeting. To submit an abstract for IFN-λ in addition to the Cytokines or ILC4, authors should submit to the joint Cytokines or the ILC4 Meeting (using the button above), and under the questionnaire check off yes “Would you like your abstract to ALSO be considered to the satellite meeting?” 

If attending only the Virtual Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite Meeting (but not the main Joint Meeting), please submit your abstract directly here, to to be considered for a virtual short talk. Virtual posters for abstracts not selected as talks can be emailed to us to be shared with the Meeting attendees through Google Drive, but there won’t be a dedicated virtual poster session (only the live session for in-person attendees).

Topics of interest:

  • IFN-λ biology
  • IFN-λ therapy
  • genetic association of variants in the IFN-λ region with multiple phenotypes
  • inflammation at barrier tissues
  • antiviral immunity
  • COVID-19
  • role in non-viral infections (eg. bacteria, fungi)
  • role in adaptive immunity
  • IFN-λ interactions with immune cells
  • HCV, HBV and hepatic fibrosis
  • cancer

The IFN-λ meeting will be held as a satellite meeting on 24-25 September 2022 following the conclusion of Cytokines 2022 and the joint ILC4 meetings. 

Additional Registration is required and all in-person presenters must be registered for the Joint Meeting (either Cytokines 2022 or ILC4) as well as the Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite Meeting. Virtual presentation is also possible. Registration for the Virtual Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite meeting can be made independently of the Joint Meeting.

Questions or suggestions? Email us.